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Welcome to BPA – where innovation meets function across restaurant, healthcare, education, and retail spaces. We blend creativity with practicality, redefining design standards in every project. 


The key to a great restaurant is how you feel throughout the entire experience; this experience may start outside on the cobblestone street as you peer through a window and decide if you want to go in. Can you imagine yourself seated in there, enjoying yourself and others? Did you enjoy yourself before you even entered? Good. Then my job is done.


Designing the perfect medical practice is easier than they tell you In school. The staff, if they have worked with each other for nearly any length of time, know exactly how they want the Practice floorplan to flow. Just ask the right questions and listen intently. If you are lucky, one of the doctors will have already drawn it out for you in SketchUp.

The most important person on the design team of a school, is the Principal. Use their time wisely and impress them, and you will have a successful design. If the Principal is passionate about your concepts and renderings, the funding will come and the teachers will be excited, too. The teachers make the magic, but the Principal sets the stage.

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Quality Grocery | Retail Architecture | Raleigh NC

You are paying more in rent than should be legal, if your location will be a success in the long game. Every square inch of space is as precious as living gold and should be considered before the pencil hits. Then, make sure there is enough room for the queueing.

Innovation meets expertise at our architectural firm in Raleigh, NC. As a leading architecture firm in Raleigh, we specialize in creating visionary spaces tailored to diverse needs. Whether you're seeking a medical office architect for cutting-edge healthcare facilities, a restaurant architect for a vibrant yet relaxing dining atmosphere, or require a commercial architect for school design or retail projects, our team is dedicated to exceeding expectations. With a focus on precision and creativity, we bring unparalleled design solutions to the heart of Raleigh. Explore the synergy of form and function with our top-notch architecture services, setting new standards in medical office building architecture and beyond. Discover why we stand out among the architecture firms in Raleigh, NC, as we transform concepts into captivating structures that inspire.

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