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Freedom Christian Academy



Educational Institution

Fayetteville, NC

In a year's time, an existing 80,000 s.f. one story existing metal building and warehouse space was transformed into an exciting and patriotic 68,000 s.f. two story private school with an industrial modern interior of large steel columns and beams, corrugated metal panels, and an expansive glass and steel second floor centerpiece etched with the Preamble to the Constitution that hangs over the lobby and flanks the grand stair. The school also boasts a 52 foot wide by 30 foot tall mural of the signing of the constitution (painting by Howard C. Christy) that cuts through the lobby on a diagonal, forming the separation between the main lobby and the classrooms. The American Flag is articulated in the ceiling of the Media Center and a large original 25 ton crane is seen heavy in the air above the cafeteria and Chapel spaces. Half of the original 80,000 s.f. metal building was converted into a state-of-the-art 40,000 s.f. sports facility that provides basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer, concessions, restrooms, and even has a coffee shop.

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