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Fayetteville St., Raleigh

Zinda means “Alive” in Hindi and is the newest restaurant in downtown Raleigh. The Interior spaces of Zinda are an artful play between natural materials and modern edginess, and create a visually stunning atmosphere that gives honor to a New Asian aesthetic. The quarried stone is contrasted by glowing glass shelving and stainless steel. Three reveal-lit walnut arches lead your eye to a glowing staircase to the second floor with playful walnut abacuses and stainless steel supports with walnut handrails. The upstairs dining and bar area boasts copper ceilings and reclaimed wood floors retrieved from North Carolina tobacco barns and ancient Indian prints. The bar contrasts large maple planks with inlaid natural turquoise with stainless steel and LED lighting that can be controlled in all locations in real time by an IPAD. The bar has a severe backdrop of the natural stone ruins of a temple with an ancient door found in India. The two down stairs dining rooms have Kenneth Cobonpue light fixtures from Thailand with the soft glow of Edison lightbulbs. The lobby is filled with nearly 100 suspended root balls from Thailand that reflect magical light patterns on the walls and reflections in the deep purple concrete floors. The ambiance and juxtaposition of elements create the perfect environment to enjoy the delicious authentic dishes with modern presentation and plating techniques.

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